IP2WHOIS Webex Bot enables WHOIS Lookup (Domain lookup) in Webex by using the @ip2whois DOMAIN_NAME command.

Retrieve the WHOIS information such as domain name, creation date, expiration date, domain age, and WHOIS server information in the Webex direct message or space.

How To Use

  1. Add ip2whois@webex.bot to a space or direct message the bot.
  2. Configure IP2Location.io API key by typing @ip2whois auth YOUR_API_KEY. If you don't have one, please register for a free IP2Location.io API key.
  3. Lookup for a domain name by typing @ip2whois DOMAIN_NAME.
  4. You will get the domain WHOIS result as below. This is an example result for the domain google.com.

Below is the screenshot of the result:

IP2WHOIS Webex Result


You may contact us at support@ip2whois.com if you encounter any issue about the IP2WHOIS Webex Bot.